Sales Analytics for eCommerce

Understand customer behavior. Track eCommerce data. Make better decisions.

img Trends and anomalies
Our solution continuosly monitors your sales data in order to detect patterns like trends and anomalies like peaks and dips so that no relevant information passes unnoticed
img Inventory forecasting
Out-of-stock products can severely damage your sales performance since you can quickly lose a customer to a competitor offering something similar. Avoid it with accurate inventory forecasts based on previous sales and seasonal trends.
img Customer segmentation
Quickly identify your VIP customers, or the ones that were inactive for a long period with automatic customer segmentation in groups based on their activity.
img Goals
Define your goal for any of KPI and we will automatically monitor it and inform you on its achievement.
img Daily email
An overview of your store's activity delivered to your inbox every morning.

KPI Monitoring

Automatic monitoring of all the main KPIs of your store means that no anomally goes by undetected. We continuously analyze your data for peaks, dips and trends.

Goal Oriented

Your shops, your goals! Setup your own goals for any of your shop's KPIs and we will automatically monitor their evolution and inform you.

Daily Stats

An email with your store's most important KPI's, delivered to you each morning so that no relevant activity passes unnoticed. Anomalies, trends and goals are also included.

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Your shop at a glance

No more looking at multiple data sources! No more exports,imports and complicated pivot tables!

All you need to do is install the connector module for your platform and you can start capturing exactly the knowledge that your organization requires.

Move over the big picture and start getting into the details by slicing and drilling your data in a simple and intuitive way.


Channels & Campaigns

Accurate monitoring of campaign and acquisition channel performance.

Calculate conversion rates and ROI and optimize your marketing spending.

Drill down on individual campaigns or channels for even more details, see exactly which orders generated and which new customer registrations.

Product Insights

The easy way to improve conversion rate and generate more revenue.

Instantly answer questions like:

  • What products have the potential for driving more revenue?
  • Which are my best sellers, or non-sellers?
  • What products are the most abandoned?
  • Which products need to be priced lower or marketed better?

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