How the Orders KPI's are calculated


Complete Orders

Orders are considered to be complete when it have been payed and an invoice document has been created, or have been shipped and a shipment document has been created.


Incomplete Orders

Orders without invoice, or without shipment are considered incomplete.


Returned Orders

Orders with an existing creditmemo document are considered returned.


AOV - Average Order Value

The Average Order Value (AOV) is calculated as an average operation of the gross order value, shipping costs and taxes included. Returned orders are also included.


Average Items Per Order

Calculated as the average number of items in an order. Incomplete orders are also included.


Conversion Rate

The value is calculated by dividing the total number of invoiced orders by the total number of visits in the selected period.


Order Return Rate

The total number of order returns (including partial returns) divided by the total number of invoiced orders, in the selected period.