Clarobi – Converting data to Sales

Jul 23, 2020

Let us get things straightened up; running an eCommerce website is not an easy task. Besides the data extraction, the visualization of data can be a disaster that completely ruins your business if wrongly interpreted.

The role of data for your business growth is non-negotiable since you need to monitor your key performance index (KPI), optimize your inventory management and promote your products the best possible way.

However, data extraction is crucial to your business. Before using any data, you need to extract it from your shopping cart, process it and make it useful. To do that, you need to use other data sources such as AdWords, Google Analytics, etc. to process it.

In a customer-centric industry, competitor analysis becomes a necessity. The easiest way to start your auditing for an online shop is through extracting data from your website. The data gives you the insight to help develop strategies to compete with your competitors while helping you to save time and cost in the process.

Why data extraction?

Data extraction and analysis is a pivotal point for your eCommerce business, especially if you want to generate more leads and grow fasters. However, the process is difficult because most eCommerce platform has a robust database with relevant information spreading through various tables. Gathering this information and using them to grow your business becomes a challenge.

Managing these databases due to its robustness requires a highly trained developer since it can affect your growth when wrongly done. For instance, a professional developer can read data from your website, track your customers’ behavior and reactions and translate this information into something meaningful.

They can see the performance of key products and convert that information if such product is worth stocking or not. Tracking a customer behavior doesn’t end at checking the customers' profile; it entails much more.

Importantly, data extraction isn’t a one in a time activity you do. It is a continuous process because each day, new visitors are visiting your website for products. Each customer’s behavior is different; so you won’t want to rely on old data to analyze the growth of your online business.

It doesn’t end at data extraction

Visuals are an essential component in marketing; whether it is tables, pies, graphs, and counters, it makes it seamless for customers to understand and process information.

However, in your marketing efforts, data visualization plays a crucial role since you can pull complex analytics from your website and convert them into easy-to-read tables, charts, and graphs. This data can help determine where your business strengths lies and areas where you can take improvement.

Clarobi – Converting data to Sales

Data analytics is critical and challenging. Fixing each challenge can be a daunting task. How do you deal with the amount of data collected? How do you make those data meaningful? How do you represent these data visually and export them into CSV or XSL? How do you deal with inaccessible data or poor quality data?

All of these are issues you will face in your data extraction and visualization. Clarobi helps take away the stress and hard work involved. We have an automatic monitoring process that keeps track of major KPIs while identifying unusual trends and events.

The exciting news is that you can end the hassle and high-cost by using Clarobi for your eCommerce data extraction and visualization. Get the best professional to interpret your analytics. Clarobi is the answer.